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21 08 2006

So a bunch of things to update, And most of it has slipped my mind :P.
Well Tracey left a while ago, and I’ve been a lazy poo since :P, Erin arrived last Tuesday, and Inaki had a friend who needed a place to stay at the same time. So needless to say, it was a little crowded around here. Plus Erin was bunking with me. Which was fine but I’m not used to sharing my space with anyone, so I was starting to feel a little crowded my self. But Inaki’s friends left yesterday (yeah!), so Erin is back to the couch and I gt to sleep in and be comfy alone in my room. I kinda intend to hibernate in my room alone all day. except when I go to sub for Wally.

I went rollerblading on Monday, for like 2 hours, and running on Tuesday and Thursday, and then I went to jujitsu (I liked it!, deff chacking it out in Brazil) and yoga on sat and yoga on Sunday. Now I’m all tired and sore :P. Oh and I bought new running shoes….went to the dentist, applying for my Brazil visa here is such a pain I might do it in Canada, and I have tried getting my yellow fever vaccination and I can;t even get a straight answer of where I can go or who to talk to .. fuck…. ( tho I checked and I don;t think I need it bc I haven;t been to any country that has it and Brazil only warns for the jungle.)

Oh on Friday I went to get my motorcycle drivers licence, ha was so easy. So now I have my licence heh. not that any6one ever asks me for it and when they do I wheedle my way out anyway, but still It’s good to have it now. I was supposed to go out sat night for dinner with my friend who was leaving but they went to some really expensive buffet place at 10pm, I mean come on buffet (all you can eat) at 10pm?? I mean the price was wrong as I’m unemployed, it was really late, and I wasn’t hungry… and then I was supposed to meet up with them to an all you can drink thing at the wall, but I didn’t make it.

And on Sunday I took Erin with me to Yoga, and then we went with my co workers from sesame street out to a friends house who lived on the mountain in hsindien. she had a real house that was kinda neat and they had a beautiful view, they also had a pretty nice community pool, needless to say I was pretty tired from pitching children around in the pool. Went back to Karen’s to and ate WAY too much food, was positively stuffed. Chilled out for a while chatting with, Brian, Danny and Erin, then we came back to the city. Was soooo tried, but when I came home I spent a couple of hours tossing things out. Man this is going to take me ages :(.

Well back to the grind.. bleh




2 responses

21 08 2006

good grief woman, you exercise more in one week than i do in a year! i really should think about getting off my ass more… actually i think about it all the time, i just never DO it!!! so lazy

21 08 2006

lol, Well normally, I Should go running, 4 times a week or more, plus yoga, 3-4 times a week, plus rollerblading, cycling etc. In reality that doesn’t happen much. But I’m trying to work it into my regular routine. Plus I wanna do a triathalon, and training for that is going to require me to mix things up a fair amount anyway so it shouldn;t be too bad. And when I go to brazil I’ll need to keep myself busy some how 😉

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