21 08 2006

Ok, so I don;t really know what to do, when Erin Arrived Inaki’s little friend was staying here so he was on the couch.  That means from the day she arrived she has been in my room, all the chillin has been done in my room.  I am trying not be unreasonable, and I’m very happy because Inaki’s friend is gone so Erin is on the couch again.  But (and admittedly it is the first day in the morning) but she was in my room all yesterday evening and I just really wanted some time alone, but I didn;t know what to say.  And now this morning she came in, with out knocking and I was in my bathroom neked brushing my teeth. 

     I know I cleared off some space on my shelves for her so she could put some book sand stuff there and a section of the closet for her and a drawer so she could have a few places to put some stuff sop she’s not totally living out of bags.  But I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.  I mean I didn’t spend this much time with Tracey and we lived in each others pockets.  But we had jobs, (both Erin and I are unemployed at the moment) I have hobbies and stuff, but she is just here all the time,a which is fine she wants to chill and take a break before working, and I really don’t mind for the most part inviting her to come along (I always invite her to come along).

       But It’s not her room yet.  It is still my room and my space and I’m starting feel that she is invading it. I mean she’s on;y paying $2000nt (which I’m giving to Inaki and Gina, although so far they have not been affected by Erin being here) for the month.  She has a place to stay practically for free, for now, 2 jobs lined up for her and constant advice…. gah, but I’m not sure how to ask for a little privacy.  I mean even Tracey wasn’t in my room all the time.  Sometimes I just wanna sit around in my underwear on the computer or going through my stuff ALONE!!!!!!!

She just left to go talk Cynthia…. yeah.. !  anyway bitch bitch whine whine, If she continues to be in my room all the time after today I will have a little talk with her about how I need my space, and I’m sorry about how things are right now.   I’m just feeling really crowded… bleh




One response

21 08 2006

Asking for what you want can be difficult, because you have a big heart and you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. However, NOW is the time to say something, before you feel too crowded. If she has stuff in your room, maybe let her know ahead of time that you need some privacy and give her a chance to get what she needs so she can stay out. Entering someone’s room without knocking is NOT COOL, and I would definitely let her know how I feel about that. Roomies suck, period, but it won’t be forever.

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