Ah ha

16 08 2006

Iknew it! Iwas not over reacting or misreading the bitchiness neener neener self doubt! plus I love that someone checked their email for old nick names and comfirmed they had damnb ass stuff in there too !!! hahaha tho stinky bum>> come now .. sniffle thats not nice 😛 funny tho chuckle nowI may go see whatt he others are !!
sprting things such as jodie poo head, the bean, bed wetter, dipshit, molester, cutiepie, pickles, ray gun, suga daddy, most of mine are just full names… so i didnt mess them up with other people I guess but those are the amusing nic names people got




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16 08 2006

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17 08 2006


17 08 2006

RAY GUN??? OH M Y GOD, our friendship is OVER


17 08 2006

ha to pour salt in the wound I STILL haven’t changed it bruhahahahahhahahahahah

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