Jack ass..

14 08 2006

So this friend of mine from uni, who I have been out of contact with for ages email’s me back in response to the email I sent out letting everyone know I’m coming home for a second.  I only sent it to her bc we were friends at one point and I thought it might be interesting and nice to touch base with some people I haev lost contact with (and it has been with most people).  Anyway her ‘nickname’ on my email is from way back in the day, and it happens to be frrreeeaaaakkk, clearly a joke and an old one at that.. who the fuck goes through their email and updates contacts of people they never fucking hear from???? Anyway so this is the Cunty reply i got from her pissed me off right good.  Just kinda wanna write back oops my mistake I wasn;t aware that you had become an uptight cunt.  but I dont; want to give her the satisfaction of pissing me off and having me react and me start a fight… which is how it might look.  bah bah bah.. but being polite seems like too much effort so currently I’m just ignoring it.. unless someone has a better idea… bitchy seems satisfying enough to be worth the effort and polite so doesn;t 😛
oh here it is is.. I guess it;s not that bad but I know her and am very sure of the toane that went with this given her behaviour and attiude over the past few years (I have heard about her and choose to stay out of contact bc I didn;t like what she’s become like)

so....if my nic-name is ferrreeakk....why do you still even try keeping in 

clearly I don;t bother and very clearly i sooooooo shouldn;t



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14 08 2006

chicky-poo has issues…. it would seem obvious to me that such a nickname would be an old joke, and if you haven’t had contact in a while, well, if the nickname fit then, it may as well fit now (it really does, doesn’t it???) She’s obviously trying to get a reaction out of you, otherwise her response would not have been so passive-agressive. I say ignore her, she isn’t worth getting fired up over.

15 08 2006

who was it??

15 08 2006

i would probably write back something really simple like “It was a super old nickname that was based on a joke. I didn’t mean to offend you.” That’s it. If she wants to continue to be inflammatory, delete her. On another note, i am in Smithers in sept. apart from the 13-20 and labour day weekend. Would love to hang out.

15 08 2006

see that’s what I think… freaking ho bag…

15 08 2006

miss I work(ed) on an oil tanker and think I’m the best thing since sliced bread, I thought I would give her the benniffit of the doubt .. but my bad

15 08 2006

Yeah I was thinking about that. Coll for sure, email me your number, magdalicious00@gmail.com and I’ll call you when I’m in smithers!!!

15 08 2006

clearly her new nick name should be “uptight cunt” not sure who this is but it seems to fit for now
dont let idiots ruin you day magda your way to good for them
love ya
ps i cant remenber my ID shit

15 08 2006

So I had to look in my email… and in it… (you ready for this???) your nickname (are you still going to talk to me??) is….


muah hahahah. I figured it was something halfway good 🙂

15 08 2006

hahahahahaha no way? is it really or are you just being funny either way.. I HATE YOU YOU COW… hahahhahaha kidding that is so funny if for effect well good one and really omigod.. dude why? lol… oh my god

15 08 2006

ha , and what ID shit?

16 08 2006

wtf?!? What a bitch man.

16 08 2006

omigod that’s awesome (she verified elsewhere that ti really was the nickname!!! see that just confirms we all used stupid sillly nicknames back in the day and nevr bothered to change them

16 08 2006

thats what I’m saying yeah I’m not alone!

17 08 2006

HAHAHAHAHAHA what a jerk. I once asked her some questions about working on a tanker and she was like “dont think i will give you a reference”


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