13 08 2006

Ok all, here is the deal, I’ll be coming come for a wee little spell.  From Sept 16th (2pm to be exact) to Oct 2nd (10 am I think).  Now in that time period I plan to mostly be in van except for Sept 24th to the 28-29th which I’ll be up in smithers seeing my mom.  So if anyone will be anywhere near smithers or van let em know and We’ll hook up.. YEAh exciting.. now off to drink some more bc it;s Sunday and I’m bored bc Tracey has abandoned me… will write about my recent drama’s (not exciting at all) later…
here’s a little picie pic to spice up this lame post
rope walking in the park
Oh and this suspicious little water proof vibrating S&M rubber duckie heh




4 responses

14 08 2006

oh my god that duck is hilarious!

14 08 2006

“New stronger motor”


That reminds me of this cereal I saw a couple months back in Shoppers Drug Mart…”Now with tastier twigs!”

Have to admit, twigs used to suck, but not anymore. 😉

14 08 2006

I know.. seriously inthe drug store right next to the candy and the counter.. ha!

14 08 2006

I know seriously .. could we try to be a little subtler with out sex toys people???
That’s awesome .. tastier twigs.. but when you thnk about it, they are running out of things to improve. So i guess improving on things that are ass anyway isn’t too difficult!

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