My weekend

6 08 2006

Didn’t do much this weekend, went rollerblading on Friday night and got in a fight with this cop, that was fun.  almost got myself arrested :D.  Whatever he was being a dick and unreasonable, my freaking and insisting on his name badge number and the phone number of his boss was fairly affective. 

   Sat was fairly uneventful, Ok now I’m thinking about it and I actually have no Idea what i did yesterday other than chill at home, chat online with on of my friends, and met up with Andy, his new girl Irene and Tracey for ice cream.  When I got home I decided to go for a run (at 1230 am :P), it was good tho bc I’m being a lazy lump, need to get back into some kinda groove.  Oh yeah, I remember I had to go to an orientation for that summer camp i’m doing this week, and then I drove out to the school I’ll be teaching at .. damn it;s far, Oh well it’s just one week.

  today I woke up nice and early (bletch) and proceeded to do absolutely nothing all day, was going to go out sunning on the roof and some rollerblading when a random thunderstorm rolled in.  So just read and lounged instead, get sunny a bit later so I went upstairs and tanned for a bit, came back down and read some more.. seriously laziest Sunday ever.  Then Tracey and i went to dinner at this Greek place (not great but not bad).  Came home and I’ve just spent the last bit updating all this stuff.. now I’m off to bed BC I have to get up at a silly early hour in the morning and be perky for junior high students :P, I have along week ahead of me (12 hour days pretty much all week (9+ or teaching and the rest is travel time .. yuck) but it’s pretty much my last week of work (other than 2 weeks in the mornings in Sept) till I go.  :0 I’m looking forward to that !!!

Well beddie bye time for me .. later 😀

HA here is a pic of this random crab on green island .. just to liven up this lame and dull post 🙂




8 responses

7 08 2006

Tell the freakin cop story! I want to hear all the shit that went down.

8 08 2006

“chat online with on of my friends” Thats CRAP i didnt chat, or talk or any other form of communication with you. ………… wait…………… i get it……….. i am not a just a friend….. i am THE BEST EVAR………. now that i understand no hard feelings hun. you should call me or msn me let me know when you are here in van so i can see you 🙂 (hugs)
PS Love you

10 08 2006

Andy is with both Irene and Tracey?!? Damn. Pimpin.

When you comin back to Canada?!? Its been frickin too long! 😉

10 08 2006

My bad I’ll get on that asap, i’m justreally busy this week with the summer camp and work and stuff!

10 08 2006

lol bex you rock!!!!!, Ha you should get a live journal account so you can sign in and see my locked enties and so you dont have to sign your name chuckle.. right now the locked are few and far between but i have a feeling there will be more more more :D:D

I’ll be flying into Vancouver Sat Sept 16th in the afternoon 2 I think… and I’ll be around for a bit.. 😀 Can;t wait to see you!

10 08 2006

HEY!!!! I was totally trying to get your attention, I had given up in fact 🙂 groovy! Long time so see babe! YEah as I mentioned to bex I’ll be home for a little bit in Sept then on to brazil 🙂 You’re in van right?

10 08 2006

Still in Van. Yeppers. I saw you add yourself to my lj a week or so ago but I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had the chance to post to you and all the people I pilfered from your contact list 😉

We must connect when you stop by in September! There is much squishing to be had!

11 08 2006

fo sure

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