My week

5 08 2006

Went out to Ing Ge (this little pottery town), to hang out with a friend, took the train that was an adventure in it’s self. Plus I was meant to get train tickets for Tracey and I to go down south, but stupid train had no seats :P. So we had to leave on Tuesday night instead. Anyway Ing Ge was cute, just sorta wandered around. I didn’t take any pictures bc I suck, and it wasn’t that exciting. Ran into this girl I knew on the train back, that was funny. Especially, as we were on the ‘ladies only car’, that had the cheekiest men that were not only on the girls car but they were sitting in the seats.. chuckle .. charming gents.

Attempted and failed at being productive, and packed for the trip, got on the train.. chugga chugga… When we got to Taidong the stupid bitch at the hostel didn’t answer the phone, so we were stuck in the POURing rain, we’re talking sheets, ended up accosting random people on the street asking for different hotels.  The next day we discovered why people always take ‘tours’ here.  Bc all the schedules are retarded and inconsistent, and don’t make any sense.  It was pretty funny in that tragic way.  Eventually hopped on the ferry, Tracey tried dying on the boat, failed.. underachiever!  Checked into or surprisingly posh and nice hotel (damn i forgot to jump on the bed!!), especially considering the rat hole we were in the night before.

We met up with these two Taiwanese guys for dinner and then went diving with them on Thursday.  That was my first experience with shore diving, pretty easy and good, nice vis and we actually saw a manta ray!  Wish we could have checked it out for longer.  The next dive was pretty damn challenging, there were pretty big waves and I’ve never shore dove in waves, not easy.   I got a little panicky when my tank came loose from my BCD, I only had one fin on, and got stuck in the break, so was getting tossed around on the reef.  Pulled my self together got my fin on, and swam like a mofo (while holding my tank for open water.  Crisis averted in open water :).  We never would have found the ‘mushroom head rock” with out our friend Mike’s help, hell we almost didn‘t find it with his help.  Plus we all almost ran out of air coming back.  :(I would have come back earlier, but, well actually I probably would have opted not to dive there given the size of the waves, but we were out voted :P.  

That afternoon we went and chilled on this nice beach, well an OK beach, but very secluded and chill.

Back on the boat and headed home, got back to taipei around 7pm friday.
Over all a a good time 🙂




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