25 07 2006

So was surprised this Sat by Erin showing up to move to Taipei… whoops, my bad really as she had told me she’d be back in two weeks.  I just didn’t realize 2 weeks had passed already.  Anyway had the usual yoga and lunch sat, well except we went to this new Indian place that a friend of a friend owns.  that was yummy, then met up with Jenn at chili’s( had cake yum!) and gossiped about the pure drama that is Jenn’s life … madness I say….
   On Sunday i decided as I wasn’t feeling 100% to skip yoga plus I wasn’t excited about the guy who was going to be teaching the class Sunday morning.  Erin and I drove up to Teinmu, to this pool party.  Was nice good tunes, beautiful sun, cheap beers and burgers, but then we had to go bc I had dinner plans with some old co workers back near my house.  Plus both Erin and I weren’t really feeling the party socializing thing.  Had a pretty good in spite of not being in the best of moods.  The only real bummer is i was semi-expecting a call from a good friend all weekend, and they called during the one and only hour that I was in the pool away from my phone (literally the only time I had been away from my phone the whole weekend :(:(:(: bummer).

   Anyway met up with my old co workers and had dinner, I was really tired and started to feel a bit iffy, then we went to coffee and I started to feel even worse so bailed and went home to bed.  Turns out I have the flu or something i was up all night with a massive fever (which is so weird for me as I’ve only had I think5 or 6 fevers in my entire life), felt terrible and had the screaming squirts all night long… seriously couldn’t be more than 5 metres from the bathroom at all times.  Called into work at 6 am to say i couldn’t come, since my classroom was on the 3rd floor and the bathroom is in the basement.. plus I had the shakes, was 1 step away from tossing my cookies, (well I would have if I had any cookies to toss), and hadn’t slept all night long… slept all morning and in the afternoon told me evening job that i could come in but would rather not if they could find me a sub.  they told me a 3 it was all good so I went back to bed and slept till 7, then got up watched a movie hung out with Tracey and Erin and ten back to bed.  (loooser)  I went to work this morning but I just gave the kids sparkily tattoo’s (with glue glitter and these stencil things..). and they beaded necklaces while they waited for their turn.

came home and slept for most of the afternoon, went to sesame street, ick ick.. still feel like ass. so after i finish writing this I’m going to bloody bed.. If i don;t feel beter soon I’m going to sulk my self to death… I AM THE WORST SICK BABY!!!!!  I just want someoen to pamper and fuss over me till I’m better .. sulk… sniffle winge




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26 07 2006

hey you changed your journal! Looks good. I’m thinking of sprucing mine up too. Being sick sucks… hope you feel better really soon.

26 07 2006

yeah I’ve been messing with the colours but it’s not letting me change them the way I want which is annoying me….. I’m better today sunday sucked ass.. I’m still pretty grouch which is a good indicator I’m not 100% yet…

29 07 2006

hey i ment to tell you, last night i had the same dream that you did, the teeth one, it was so scary, all my teeth were falling out, it was so realistic i had to check them when i got up this morrning. so if anything good or bad has happpend to you let me know, so i know what is comming

29 07 2006

SEE SEE they suck!!!!! I have been getting these weird bumps on my body recently that hurt like a bitch (and my being a 12 year old boy trapped in my body, i just have to poke prode and mess with them), one of my chinese freinds saw one of them today and was like hey those are from lowered immunes system and stress, whats up with you?? bugger.. oh well.. c’est la vie.. nothing new good or bad… 😉

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