Full Circle

21 07 2006

I created a blogspot blog, or is it blogger (are they the same.. whatever.. who cares >.<), anyway here is the address for that, it’s mostly interesting for the links to off site journals of my other friends… so not exciting at all I guess ….  http://magdalicious.blogspot.com/
Chuckle and when you venture there, other than the link back to here and the other places.. there is well Nada.. heh… full circle
bite me pickie pants!!!!  it’s my blog 😛 I’ll ass it up if I wanna neener neener!



4 responses

23 07 2006

http://www.spellcheck.net -spellcheck is your friend. seriously.

23 07 2006

opps I almost forgot.

Love, Frost


23 07 2006

dude I mis-typed one word .. you freak.. 😛

23 07 2006

“I created a blogspot bog”
What’s a bog? Look in your other posts 😉

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