oops so many things…

11 07 2006

Ok my bad…
Sesame street sucks and I hate them 😛 (ok not really but whatever they totally screwed me.. so:P nahhh)
Kid Castle,: I have absolutely no Idea, but they will keep my ARC (LEGAL residency and work permit) as long as I need, and will help me with giving Erin one too 😀
Ju lin: no problems except they are tards and don;t know what they are doping, but as that seems to be working in my favour right now.. 🙂 I’ll not worry about it.
Subbing and summer camps:  Had a call from one guy and pretty interested in the camp, but don;t know much right now.  Other than that no Idea what I’m doing for Aug and  Sept, maybe start studying Portuguese, lots of yoga and learn to swim for a triathlon…

are stupid… nuff said (ok, not really but that was funny)

I bought my ticket online for Vancouver to sau paulo (yay, or at least I think I did?)  and my Taipei Vancouver flight is booked, I leave Taipei Sept 16th (arrive van same day)and I leave vancouver to brazil on Oct 2nd, come back to van March7th and back to taipei march 13th (arrive 15th).  planning to go up to smithers for a bit, and other than that anyone who wants to see me, come meet me in van! 😀 (or smithers if that somehow works better for you :P).  Oh and mom said she would lend me her lap top, so If I dont; find another option and her laptop will be covered by her homeowners insurance than I’ll probably take her up on that!!!!

The house: 
Found a new roommate in record time she’s nice, she moves in on the 5th of august (so I guess trace will be bunking with me for a bit ), crazy Spanish dude is fi8ne, still odd as hell but fine, and Erin is moving up (kinda) in two weeks but going on vacation for 3 weeks, and then back to Taipei to look for an evening job and get her ARC sorted

Trying my damndest to work out money .. gah.. not stressed not stressed.  Since we can’t get a bank account, seriously considering getting traveller’s checks in silly denominations (aka $500 or $1000us) so we can carry the money with us, and not worry about it getting stolen (steal it up Brazilian biatches ha ha .. travellers cheques are refundable neener neener!!!).  Have been dreading it, but finally bit the bullet and called Canada Student Loans, turns out they just sucked before bc they didn;t know  what they were doing.  They were dead help full this time, I have a better interest rate than before, and i can change my payment amount at any time, so I just doubled it. That sorts that out (happy I don;t have to put it all on my Via card (my old rate was so ass that putting it on my visa would have saved me money in the long run).  Which  leaves me more room on their in case of emergency in Brazil.  Speaking of I need a new Visa card as mine will expire this October.

Green Island: 
Called off due to typhoon, it better fucking hit and we better get the fucking day off!!!! going to go in the first week of august when we are both off work anyway…

I’m sure there is more but I ate too much at lunch and am still feeling icky from it, plus I’m tired and really kinda wanna go to bed (I have been mad tired recently)  So that’s all for now




4 responses

11 07 2006

are you flying to smithers? Or bussing? if bus, can you come through kelowna?

11 07 2006

Not telling 😛

12 07 2006

you are soooo coming to visit me!

14 07 2006

Hey whatev, there is no reason for stress. Things have been figured with your tixs and student loans. Plus we have roomies to take our places, and I will figure out money things before I go, so you can just mooch info off of me. Speaking of which I need to email Brazil HSBC Lady and confirm that info.

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