Crazy Dude”’z

11 07 2006

So there is the crazy dude who was calling Trace and then decided to let me join the fun and has sporadically been calling me too 😛
And then my nut job guy, that kept my number for 2 years and then decides to call and ask me on a date.  In spite of a weird asking I said sure, made plans for Sunday, but he worked too late and I had other plans.  So changed the plan to Monday… dude basically bailed well past the last min, then didn;t call all week, When he did Finally call was like, hey let meet right now.  Um I have some semblance of a life thank you.. after some banter rescheduled for Monday again.  I tried to set up a solid time and place to which I got I’ll call you.  So on Monday at 7 when he still hadn;t called I sent a message asking if we were still meeting.  No call nutting… and then at 955, (we’re supposed to be meeting at 10) he calls.  Well now I’m out with some friend having a drink and heading home pretty quick and i really don;t feel like talking to him and explain why I’m not meeting him now.  SO I don;t answer had to turn the ringer off my phone bc he called like 15 times or something.  and then the next day at lunch dude calls me from a blocked number and gives me shit for not answering.  Well I had had enough at this point and told him what i though of him and his behavior thus far.  To which I got groveling and so on.. and begging me to see him, to which I replied sorry I was willing to meet up before, but it;’s just not worth it.  More grovelling.. and Finally when I got tried of it (didn;t take long :P), I said sorry I have to go goodbye and hung up…  that’s all about that 🙂




2 responses

11 07 2006

does he think you have nothing better to do than wait by the frickin’ phone? i hate it when people pull that crap. he’s lucky you gave him as many chances as you did.

11 07 2006

as I said in my next post BOZ A STUPID .. lol.. just messing
no shit especially with the whole weird lemmi keep your number for 2 years and then call thing … lol another one for the books!

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