bad girl

6 07 2006

So I was a bad girl today, was with a freind and when it came time for work.. i just didn;t go… it was wrong and i know it.  But i know it;s wrong bc everyone tells me it’s irrisponsible and stupid.  And lemi tell you it totally is.  If you ever wonder about it, just let me telly ou it’s totally not worth it….. I am in a way glad for the experience, I will NEVER do it again, I will call or go or soemthing but never this again…  Life is a learning experience… hmmm I’m in an odd mood
No yelling or telling me I’m bad 😛 I already know that 🙂
Lesson learned … sigh




One response

7 07 2006

don’t be too hard on yourself. we’ve all done stupid stuff, and i’m pretty sure there are worse things you could have done then blow off work for the day. it’s definitely something we’ve all thought about!!! you are right, life is all about learning, and it sounds like you got something out of this mistake, so instead of focussing on the “would have, should have, could haves”, be proud of yourself, okay? hey any luck finding a laptop?

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