2 07 2006

so something really funny happened, and I distinctly remember wanting to post about it… oh I remember!!! the Mod’s Hair bus, they had this mobile salon in a bus and they sprayed some hair stuff on us and gave us free Smirnoff ice’s .. hysterical the back fo the salon bus was the salon bus club.. hahahahah with disco ball tunes couches, free drink, and black lights.. too funny!!!!

   went and saw omen (wild Canada day hu?) We were invited to a bunch of diff stuff but Tracey had a killer head ache and I spent most of the day in bed feeling shitty sicky poo poo, so we decided to grab a bite to eat and watch omen.. was pretty good .. the evil dogs scared me .. but I’m a major wuss :P.

Today was a pretty busy day, Yoga this morning, brunch with CAPT this social group we sometimes go to their events, met a few people there.  Then on to Susan’s bc she was having some people over to get rid of her stuff and hang out before she leaves (good Idea really, I might do it too.. not that I’m getting rid of all my stuff but I do have a lot of stuff I don;t use that just takes up space :). and then home and watched a movie with Tracey and our new roommate to be Gina (she came by to give us the deposit). 

  Oh and I was thinking, If anyone (back home) has an old laptop they don;t use or want, or knows of anyone looking to get rid of one for cheap / free, I’m looking to pick something up for the few months I’m in Brazil.  It’s not worth buying a new one from me right now mostly bc I need all the money I can save for my trip but I could afford something old and cheap that would let me get on the Internet.  I’m so addicted to my computer 😛 hence I’m looking ta this option, let me know if you know of anything k 😀

later all .. off to beddie bye for me!




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4 07 2006

That sounds like a hell of a hair salon! Too bad there isn’t anything like that here, I could use the haircut AND the entertainment! Hope you can find a laptop – have you tried e-bay?

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