False advertising ;)

1 07 2006

So I haven;t posted in a while, been busy and haven;t felt like it, that combined with not being up to much, as Tracey mentioned went to Hualien last weekend, that was cool… some dude I haven’t talked to or seen in over 2 years called  me while we were there to ask me on a date??? I said sure, but given how we have different schedules and he’s irritating me with the Taiwanese “I miss you ” bit, I’m not gagging to meet up with him.  Were supposed to go to a movie on Sunday but he worked too last, coffee on Monday but he decided to call me at 1025 (we were meeting at 10) to tell me he couldn’t make it. and then he disappeared for a the rest of the week and called on friday, We’re supposed to be meeting for coffee on Monday again, totally last chance, Tracey said she;d come as a buffer 🙂

   Work sucks I had to quit at sesame street bc they were being shitty about my going to Brazil, so now It’s looking like I’ll be here for 6 weeks with out work .. bummer.. but maybe I’ll try to get in on one of the summer camps or subbing work to make some last min cash.     Oh and we just started looking for new roommates this week.. and wait for it has to be the easiest time yet!!! this girl named Gina came by today and was like I love it I’ll take it.. so she’s gonna give us a deposit tomorrow.. sweet that takes care of that …  (or at least I hope so, I’m not get too excited till I see the deposit in my shiny little hands)

    Oh and was tanning on the roof the other day was bored and took more Magda porn shots.. YEAH ME.. loll totally false advertising.. I don;t look this good!!! but I guess I kinda do from that angle.. (ha that must be why tall guys are all over me.. they get that angle a lot so the are fooled into thinking I’m a tasty treat…)




5 responses

2 07 2006

no fair… you’re going to make all us pudgy girls jealous! Somebody buy me a stairmaster!

2 07 2006

Dude seriously I swear it’s an optical illusion!!!

3 07 2006

I sure wish I had optical illusions working for ME that way!!! You are too modest.

5 07 2006

i hate you………… no i dont, you look great opptical illusion or not, guess what, i got a date, whoop magda style.. anyhow love ya lots

6 07 2006

That’s what I’m talking about, and yes you do look that good, from what I remember.

Bad Erik Bad! <—- can look but can’t touch

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