27 06 2006

Damn work crisis, So my evening school has totally just screwed me, the just told me eitehr don;t go to brazil or you can;t keep working here… so obviously I quit, what fuckign sucks is my other boss at Kid Castle wanted me to come back there and had a full tiem job for me but i said no.. and now it;s too late she has already hired someoen else.. bugger.. not sure what I’m going to donot.. plus now it looks like I’ll be in taipei for a month with out owrking before I leave :(.. not sure what to do:(.. I’ll probably try to get subbing hours but not sure what my freind eRin is going to think i hope she doesn;t freak and back out too.. 😦



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29 06 2006

wow, mag that sucks ass. You would think that they would appreciate that you gave notice but in the end you gotta look out for yourself first or you’ll get screwed. I sure hope you find something to help you pay the bills. Is your friend Erin going with you to Brazil? Why would she back out?

29 06 2006

No Erin is hte one who is supposed to take over my appartment and jobs while Im in brazil (here in Taiwan) so if she backs out I’m kinda fucked.. :(… sucks

29 06 2006

I guess the sooner you find out from her, the better. Do you think you’ll have time to find someone else if she craps out on you?

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