14 06 2006

My boss is being a Cow, and I due to weather and other things am not taking in in stride as I should be.. SO now I am just avoiding her, because otherwise I will probably tell her exactly how stupid and useless I think she is, and how she can just piss off.  Since her being an idiot makes my job insanely easy most of the time, I think I will do what I can to let it slide 😛

    Her current idiocy is I prepared for our Final performance at school like a month ago, and have been practicing for just as long, in that time have asked  a 1000 times is everything ok, any suggestions.. no no everything is wonderful. GREAT for the first time ever i don;t have  to stress about all this stupid crap, which is just dumb anyway.. yes! good for me, oh no… then she decides YESTERDAY and tells me today that it;s all wrong and I essentially have to rework the entire performance and song, these are 6 year old children and the performance is on Sat morning.. as if….  And to make it worse instead of telling me her spineless self she jumped down my co teacher’s throat and made it clear if she didn‘t make me change it then my co teacher was going to be in big trouble…. What a load of ^&%$.  Anyway I avoided the principal and ragged out this other girl I work with kept my cool though while I explained how utterly unreasonable this situation was, and that it boiled down to I would do my best to make small changes to satisfy everyone but really it’s too late….  Sharron (the other girl, agreed with me and told me to do my best and that she would explain it to the principal….)  .. It’s not even that big of a deal, and I don’t care, but somehow it’s getting under my skin… 😛

Rant over.. my grumpy ass is going to bed now, maybe some sleep will improve my mood… (haven’t been sleeping well… )




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15 06 2006

That’s pretty retarded for your boss to expect a bunch of six year old kids to make a bunch of changes. Hell my five year old forgets what I said like five minutes ago (but magically remembers stuff that happened when she was two… go figure). See what I was saying in my last post, bosses suck ass, they expect you to work freakin’ miracles. Stuff that they know damn well even THEY couldn’t pull off, so they dump it on you. Fuckers. Good luck with that.

15 06 2006

In case you were wondering, WHY YES, I’m in a pissy mood. Gonna go lay down, I’m so bitchy I can’t even stand myself.

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