yeah drinkin

11 06 2006

should one post while drunken? yes I say.. and drunken I shall post ha ha..
so last night Tracey and I had too much to drink at home and went to be d at silly early hours got up and went to yoga, .. oh and got to talk to my fav boy whilst tipsy hooray
after yoga it was the usual, hanging in at the bagel drinking tea and playing scrabble like the lameo’s we are.. ha ha.. then went shopping etc.. went out with Jenn and crew for cheap drinks at barrio.. mostly we were seduced out by 30 nt (normally 150 nt) mojitos YUM!!!! maybe have had a few or more heh! danced the night up.. Tracey so kinda hooked up with totally cutie Taiwanese boy!!!! ish/ they have a date ish tomorrow .. lol good for her! he’s so cute…   anyway .. and then we danced it up and were massively silly with loads of people I considered investing in an .. “you’re wasting you time sign”, but refrained..  the bitch within let the dorks have their fantasy as long as they were polite about it.  that’s about it drank danced got video taped by strange voyeur boy, and chatted with idiotic new york/Californian dudes that in the end where totally hilarious.. one dude had headphones in to protect his ears.. yes he was that dorky… dude just buy earplugs.. but they were fun and good for a laugh and harmless, Russian dude also harmless but funny…

oh and my friend Sacha’s ‘girl’ pissed me off by being a snotti cow to me on the phone.. seriously dream on I’m not into your guy.. lol..  

Ha when leaving the club the DJ, (Jenn’s ex) and the 2 American fools were all having a riot being big peeping toms bc my skirt was too short for words.. .. naughty boys.. lol. but they were far enough away that it was just amusing… any closer and I might have been a bothered a little.. sigh.. maybe I’m no fun anymore 😉 but I don;t think that’s it ha ha  😀 😀




4 responses

12 06 2006

oh i get it now,,, did you call me when you were toasted?? i bet you did cause i am the same way… “hey its 4:30am lets call china …ha”
anyhow it was nice to hear your voice, call me again soon

12 06 2006

nah was going to the other day but feel asleep 😛 on friday… lol go nuts the time diff might be just right !

14 06 2006

Hon, you could never be “no fun anymore”. It is in your blood to be fun… you are the only one who could convince me to stop being so bloody uptight (you had to work at it, but I was learning!!!! Then you had to move away… pout snivel pout) lol

14 06 2006

:D, thanks HUN… I always wonder why so many people seem to react like that to me… I think I am silly as all hell :D… Dooooode I moved away so long ago .. chuckle….. god I’m such a bastard abandoning my protogies 😛

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