Ah ha I knew there was a reason I don’t plan…

7 06 2006

.. Bleh see this is what I get for having everythign all planned out and stupidly letting my bosses all know about my leaving nice and early.  But noooo… All butone of my schools are creating drama and problems that just don;t even exist.  To the point that I’m not even sure whats happening now.   Bah I can’t be bothered to be upset about it.  I think I can make it all work out, but everyoen is beign a pain in my ass.  Makes me not want to come back a little, unfortunatly no matter what I want to do I’ll be so poor when I get back that I’ll need to be staying here for probably at least a year no matter how I feel about it… I need to get rid of this debt.. either just forget about it or pay it off…… bleh.. 🙂 oh well Time for bed I’ll work on it tomorrow. 😀



2 responses

8 06 2006

That was really thoughtful of you to give your bosses notice, but unfortunately bosses usually reward you by seriously cutting your hours and treating you like shit because you’re leaving and they don’t think you’re worth being nice to anymore. I gave my boss about thirty seconds of notice before I walked out, that way he didn’t have time to make my life miserable. No job is worth it. Maybe it wasn’t the wisest decision I’ve made lately, but it was the easiest.

8 06 2006

bastards. that is all.

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