Singing in the rain

6 06 2006

I lie, actually running int the rain, stupid rain sucks.  But I decided to go running in it anyway bc I’m crazy like that.. and now I”m crazy tuckered out.. bleh was going to write mor but way to tired to bother.. night night all..  (besides I think that running in the rain might actually be the most exciting thing I have ben up to.. ok well maybe not but still :D)




3 responses

7 06 2006

Running in the rain – not crazy. Now SINGING and running in the rain would be crazy. And entertaining for the onlookers! Go for it, Mag! I’d join ya if I could.

7 06 2006

Now now, lets not get me commited before I go to brazil.. I can;t afford the time off…

8 06 2006

Why not? I can’t think of anything more fun than a rubber room. Think of the stories you’ll tell your grandchildren.

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