The stories

28 05 2006

Here is that story that Sarah wrote for me .. this was in an email she wrote to me about my being stalked in thailand by this freaky french dude… was so funny… 

Hey, you have a posse. That’s awesome. And they’re all, like hot young boys.
We should create The Legend of Magda…”she had bronze arms and brass copper
hair, and none could look away when she called. and those who were scorned
wept, for they knew they would be replaced by younger, hotter followers, and
they would have no choice but to jerk off alone and eventually become gay.
But Magda was kind, and took pity on those she had scorned, and always
deigned to remain friendly to the ones she had scorned, and go shopping with
them after they became gay. Such was her way.”

Yeah, okay, I’m a dork. Such is my way.

Heh… Sarah you crack me up!  this is Sarah 😀 I miss her.. hugs.
Moi and Sarah




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