The MAN.. thanks Frost

28 05 2006

Dude my friend totally gets point for extra effort!!!  He wrote this awsome (tho rediculas) story about me on his blog..  it’s hilarious!  Actually It reminded me that my friend Sarah wrote one too.. Check the previous post for that one…  here is the link to his blog to read the one he wrote!!! Totally great! Thanks again man.. 😀 YOU ROCK…

Mr grumpy pants didn’t like the happy picture… lol.. so He made me change it to this one where he looks like some kind of serial rapist



5 responses

30 05 2006

holy hell thats quite the picture of you…..

Got any more?


30 05 2006

I mean the picture of mags that frost has in his blog lest there be any confusion.

1 06 2006

Whatever! They were asking for it. Captain Crunch and Count Chocola lookin so fine and sexy….yum! Oh wait, you meant the other way….nevermind.

1 06 2006

Yes, but that’s the best one, and it;s not actually very good… but still my fav :D:D:D

1 06 2006

ur a tool 😉

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