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25 05 2006

I’m clearly in an odd ass mood today, I may have dropped all my weirdness in on my friends posts (comments) ha.  So maybe this post will not have so much of the crazies in it… tho you never really know :D.    

SO I stole this cd (ok borrowed and burned) from my Yoga teacher/friend Julie.  SHe great as Tracey mentioned I’m sure she finds us amusing in our ‘youth’… which is interesting in that your always a youngin’ to someone.  Any way the cd is eternal om…    http://www.shantiommusic.com/catalog/product_433_Eternal_Om_by_Robert_Slap__Music_for_Meditation.html    Here’s the link to a sound clip…  anyway I really like it… 

what else ?  hmm.. Had kinda  a day yesterday, everythign was pretty good.  But my boss at kid castle Pissed me off… So I’m going to go write her a letter about the thing I’m upset about.  Well I plan to do it… but as we all know I’m no much with the doing stuff.. much more with the pissing around and not doing anything.   Ok well I’ve had enough of posting.. I might write more later.. but chatting with raybooboo and I don;t feel like writing more.. 😀

Here’s a little pick of my favourite little Devils :D:D




2 responses

25 05 2006

WRITE THE LETTER. Even if you end up ripping it up and throwing it away, it’s a lot better to get your frustrations out rather than stuffing them down. You know I’m right…. Anywho thanks for the link. I love meditation music. P.S. The kids are adorable.

25 05 2006

in an evil devil adorable sort of way, but I’ve been chilling with those two for about 4 years so I guess I kinda like em by now ;)..

Yeah I am going to write the letter if nothing else to getmy thoughts collected in a clear manner so I don;t rant and yell when I talk to her tomorrow I also don;t know if I will even get to talk to her tomorrow… So the letter need to be able to do my talking for me and express my displeasure with the current situation in a mature and reasonable manner :D….

Some people think it’s boring bc it’s like 45 min of al the same ommm ing.. but i like it…

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