25 05 2006

As promised here is a post dedicated to my little amish freind.. we like to call him amish or jebbadia (and sometimes wally… but that’s no fun) ha here’s a pic or two of me and jeb chillin at tea after work… 😉
here’s looking at you :D:D:D:D
The omishD

I do have to say this is a nice pic of you amish 😀




5 responses

25 05 2006

Wow, that guy is freakin hot! Your lucky that your ever allowed to be in the presense of such a fine example of hotness. If you want to check out my…err I mean his website, go to

25 05 2006

You dork.. pluggin your site.. lol.. 😀 it’s a good picture tho hu? Yeah me, clearly I’m a camera GENUIS! Then again I look a bit stupid 😛

27 05 2006

Mag you should complain. That site, under friends, does NOT have a pic of you… and you are lord of the 2 legged beasts! How dare that site leave you out!

27 05 2006

Ha actually he’s about to add me he’s waitingon me to send him a pic :D.. i’m thinking this one :D:D:D

28 05 2006

it is a good one of you from your stripper days, Bunny

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