Damn germs

25 05 2006

…… I’m getting sick ,, this is especially tragic as I have been enjoying a streak of good health.. sulk…
Oh well.. I plan to be a big ass baby about it 😉

Here’s acouple of amusing pics for a little light to the day 😀

Blue lilyAfro frog!
A little esperiment to show how you make blue flowers…          “everybody was afro frogging.. dunununu” (tune of Kung Fu fighting)

Square watermelons.. heh
God damn these square watermelons might eb kinda  cool but they are stupidly expensive!!!




4 responses

26 05 2006

You know, you have to find it a little ironic that we did the same experiement with carnations. Interesting that it’s cheaper to use lilies there.
nice melons!

26 05 2006

Yeah carnations are stupidly expensive here 😛 bc they are the ‘traditional mothers day flower’ ha they are only traditional bc they are cheap… my school alwys have lilies about some chinese thing I’m sure… So I just stole a couple :D….

26 05 2006

I WANT THAT FROG!!!!! so cute

26 05 2006

I know my student wouldn’t let me steal it…

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