Catching up….. From when mom was here…

18 05 2006

So I’m not going to post date this bc It messes things up…
Anyway While mom was here it was a bit of a roller coaster of drama, long story short we didn’t get to go away for the weekend bc mom had to have surgery, blah blah, plus all the stupid work drama and then they wanted me to fly home with mom, and I would have come right back on the next flight. I didn’t wanna do it but mom wanted me there and the insurance company was going to pay for it. So I figured it would be alright, but then they changed their mind and said we had to pay and they would refund the money later…. idiots.. the flights were going to cost more than the fricken surgery ?!?! what are they thinking I mean ok if they are going to cover everything cool, but what if for some insane reason they decide not to cover the costs then we’re out this massive stack of cash!!!

lol bored now write more later




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