stupid work drama

8 05 2006

Bah so Was supposed to go away for the weekend, but obviously that got cancelled due to mom in hospital gallbladder surgery drama, that suck but ok. And then we had stupid health insurance drama, bc they don;t want to pay for the surgery bc they think she could have waited and that the surgery wasn’t necessarily a real emergency. Or that It was a preexisting condition thus foreseeable thus not coverable. Fucking stupid. Bc obviously yes she had gallstones, but she’s had them for years and it wasn’t a crisis. Anyway the doctor said that it was an emergency as her gallbladder was about to burst. She had stones impacted in the tube, and infection as well, no real way for her to know that before. So hopefully the insurance will refund the money.

So the work drama is, I had a sub for Friday Monday and Tuesday. I called my friend who arranged the sub (whose number I don’t have) to tell him I might be coming into work on Monday. Then due too all the drama I forgot to tell my friend that I would come to work on Monday. Till Sunday night, kinda late actually. So then I couldn’t figure out if Vaughn was going to go to school, and I didn’t want to show up if he was. And of course since my friend never got back to me or to Vaughn, neither of us showed up. Gah, so then my boss was all pissed at me, bc I didn’t show up or call. I guess I should of, but I was kinda stressed and distracted about stuff.

So then I had to call Sharon at work, and had to explain what had happened. Eventually she chilled out and said she understood how it happened. and now I gotta take mom to the hospital to see the doctor.. blah.. I’m tired..




2 responses

8 05 2006

I was totally wondering about that this morning.

9 05 2006

insurance of any sort is a joke… they want you to pay out the ass into a plan then when you need to actually use your insurance you’re pretty much at their mercy… assholes….

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