6 05 2006

so mom came out of the surgery (an hour and ahlf longer than she was supposed to) fine, crotchety but fine… apparently they had some difficulty removing her galblader and it really need to come out… so I guess it’s a good thing she had it done..
off to the hospital to check on her,,,,




2 responses

7 05 2006

glad to hear your mom is ok. don’t you know crochety is a good sign? means she at least has the energy to get pissed off!!! give her a hug for me kay? one to you too, that stress must have worn you down a bit.

8 05 2006

yeah a little but it’s ok. Just kinda sucks bc she’ll be feeling better right about the time she will be going.. oh well c’est la vie.. what can you do 🙂

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