5 05 2006

So mom is here and got really sick she has had to go in for emergency gallblader surgery, she will be getting ut for surgery in an hour if there are no compications…. crap thing is looks like insurance might not cover it… upside she at the best hospital in the country and medical is much cheaper here.. so even with out insurance it’s only going to cost $3-4000 cad….. needless to say trip to the south of the island has been cancelled



6 responses

5 05 2006

hugs to you and your mom… hope she has a quick recovery so you two can enjoy the rest of your visit together! Hang in there mag

5 05 2006

that was from me….

5 05 2006

oh mag, that’s terrible. I hope everything goes well – I’m thinking of you!! xoxo em

5 05 2006

Hey, Send mom a hug and a kiss from the family
i hope you are doing okay too.
loves bex

6 05 2006

love and hugs and kisses to you both. She will be just fine 🙂

6 05 2006

thanks everyone 🙂

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