Mom is here.

30 04 2006

So my mom arrived on Friday morning at some evil early hour. Bc I had been up all night cleaning I was wastedly tired, so we just hung out for a bit and then napped… I went to work for a couple of hours, mom conked out, I dragged her out of bed later to get over the jet lag I went to Yoga, mom read a book. Then we all (me mom and Tracey) went to chili’s for dinner where the manager managed to piss the hell out of Tracey :P.

went home to bed, mom was snoring like a chainsaw, so I had to go sleep on the couch. I think I’m not even going to bother sleeping in my room tonight, I can go sleep in tracey’s room which I might do on Sunday.. but the couch was ok, so I’ll give that a go again tonight.

Anyway this morning, went to yoga, but I’ve done a lot of yoga recently so I’m kinda tired… not sure If I’m going to do it tomorrow.. thinking about going to hot… and then we went to coffee with the instructor. She from New Zealand, named Julie, really nice cool person. After coffee, we went to the bagel for food and tea, and strangely enough my friend Craig came and joined us (not planned). That was kinda cool especially as he is leaving soon and we don;t often get to hang out. Went home for a bit, then we took mom to the Tong Hwa night market. ‘Course we were all kinda wiped, so kinda tragic shuffling through the night market. Came home and then I immediately went back out to play pool with Steven for a couple of hours. Just got back.. so tired now.. bleh ..

so off to bed, or couch ;). we’ll see what time I wake up tomorrow and what i end up doing.. no plans yet. 
weird car ad
So a couple of days ago saw this rediculas ad witha  real freaking car and an enormous freaky bear 😛
MEtrace and craig
Me, tracey and craig at the Bagel this afternoon.
me mom and tracenight market
Here we are at the night market 😀



4 responses

30 04 2006

hope you are all having fun! you’re off from work for the whole time your mom is there?

30 04 2006

hi miss peg hi mag, yes thankyou things are better with me… mag i am using your happy journal to relay a message from mom to mom… so peg mom says did you find your glasses and thankyou for the warrning linda quit…. anyhow i hope you 2 are having a ton of fun
lots of love

2 05 2006

I wish .. working most of the time actually taking a few days off but mostly just taking time off at different schools..

2 05 2006

lol… this is a strange game of tag.. mom says sorry to hear that but she figured it would happen …

Glad things are going better .. has anything been resolved?

come visit me . it’s all the rage this year .. lol!!!!

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