30 04 2006

Too lazy to go to Yoga today, so just lazed around for a while. Then we went to Games were we played a few games that was fun, then Nick the dick showed up and pissed tracey right off :D…. ha ha. Then we came home, and just chillin. I think I’m going to go for a run but before i do I feel the need to share this with everyone…

Did you know….?

Best statistic I have seen yet!!!!!  Go flying spaghetti monster!!!




4 responses

1 05 2006

ummmmmmm….. good to know….. hey where did you find that?!?

1 05 2006

ya for sure you always need to know that when the global tempature rises that pirates just disapate,,, wow who knew, heavns if the global tempature ever dropped below 14 we would be surrounded eeek

2 05 2006

who cares !!! so funny .. google the flying spaghetti monster and you can see the web page .. too funny!

2 05 2006

ha didn;t even think of it that way … lol. their argument is we should al bevome pitates to level out the rising temps.. that sound funt o me .. arge me maties!!!!

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