24 04 2006

Obviously I’m a liar.. I just don’t feel like posting :P.. maybe I’mm make an effort after I clean up a bit…




5 responses

24 04 2006

You left us all hanging in suspense for nothing??? You suck… Now go do something exciting and write about it! Don’t you know we count on you?!?

25 04 2006

seen as you have such a fan base now you should end the season with something major and just do re-runs all summer!!!!!!! ha that is what all the tv shows do why cant you?
any how i hope you are having fun with mom say hi for me

26 04 2006

yeah i suck.. still kinda burned out from last week.. and my mom i scoming this week so I’m tryign to get my house in order (lost casue really)

26 04 2006

lol.. ur sucha dork! she’s not here till the end of the week! but I will when she gets here:D

lol.. not much to re run.. i do have a funny pic to put oh here when I get my ass in gear 😛

27 04 2006

Has she ever been to see you before? Hope you two have lots of fun, good luck with your house (lost cause? Try having a five year old going behind you practically throwing buckets of dirt around! Okay you have my sympathy, really…!)

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