The weekend .. post date, update

10 04 2006

  Clearly my adoring fans have all abandoned me.. sniffle…

   Anyway ;).  So on Friday after Lemon crisis 2006, we generally got it in our heads that the cleanse was over and then when it turned out we could still get lemons we decided fuck it, our head just weren’t into it anymore (we found out at like 1040pm on Friday).  So sat was mostly juice and some veggies and Sunday back to FOOD.. my precious lovely food!

    On sat went rollerblading for a bit, not much though bc the weather looked iffy and nothing sucks like getting stuck out in the rain on your Rollerblades, well to me anyway :P!  so we just booted around for a bit.  I toyed back and forth about the idea of paying monthly at the yoga place or just paying my year up front (so I can have a free break while I’m in Brazil).  In the end I’ll save a big chuck of change doing it that way.. but down side have to fork out a ton of cash now that would be nice in Brazil, but then again it will also be nice to come back and not have to work about making Yoga payments bc it will already be payed and ready to go :).  Speaking of I need to get on the ticket thing.. must choose my dates and buy my tickets pretty f%^#ing quick!  Oh we went to CKS for a min, mostly bc I felt the need to take some pictures that weren’t 3 years old :P.

Tracey posing at CKSthe front gateme being silly
And here are aforementioned pictures from sat 🙂

  Then on Sunday we went to the BEST PLACE, sad really but I’m still like a kid in a candy store in Costco, spent scads of cash .. as usual.  Pretended to bed shop just bc I felt It was funny, and it really doesn’t take much to amuse me.  Seriously though there isn’t much more fun than whipping a Costco pack of sponges back and forth at each other and laughing hysterically at the how silly you’re being!!!  Haven;t had so much fun in ages!!  After Costco we went home, Tracey was grumpy so she stayed home and I went out to Games Club, and conveniently forgot to take pictures … AGAIN.. It seems suspect but I swear it’s not on purpose!  After games Trace and I went to see the Inside Man.  It was ok I guess but I definitely felt a little bored more than once.  I’ll give it points for creativity and being a little different.  Over all it was worth watching but maybe wait for the DVD.  I guess that’s it.  Oh and I think I have decide to fork out the stupid wad of cash and just get the year (of yoga), it seems to be the most practical thing for me to do in the end :).  plus I have a week after they open to decide if I like it or not, if I don’t they will refund all my money no questions asked.

Bed Shopping
Me and my lovely Costco :D… ha a new way to shop for beds!




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10 04 2006

Didn’t abandon you, seriously… I don’t know what you have to pay for a year of yoga, but I bought my yoga mat, strap and blocks and about six really good videos for less than $200. The only thing missing is an instructor right there in your living room, but any decent video will describe the positions with proper alignment as they go along. They don’t have any yoga classes in town here so that was my only option but I really enjoy it, because I’ve never liked doing any form of excercise in front of other peoople. I guess you would miss out on meeting new people, though. So anywho what is the whole point of going to Brazil, is it just for the adventure of it? I’m SO jealous! Are you and Tracy going together? How long will you be there? I want all the details….!!!

11 04 2006

BTW, you look great in your pictures. I hate you…

11 04 2006

you hottie you!!!!

I love Costco too. Only thing better is IKEA!!!

11 04 2006

ABANDONER! .. lol .. just kidding…. it’s a lot :(.. more than a grand, but it proably worth it, especially given if I pay that much more liekly to go especially if they havea good atmosphere… part of it is mental not just phyical.. and the mental part is aided by other people being there (again if th eatmosphere is good). Brazil ? so much and so little.. I’ll email you about it.. or maybe one day we’ll be online at the same time (gasp perish the thought) and we can actualyl just call or chat 😀

11 04 2006

seriously you are bothon crack . I almost didn;t post that picture bc I think I look like a fucking cow in it :P… look like ass.. (but thank you for the compliments anyway ;))

Yeah but ikea doesn;t have food and I have a house full of crap already :P.. not allowed to play in ikea .. ha ha

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