lemmmmooons where fort art thou?

7 04 2006

poo so this cleanse thing just got easy, like could do it for ages longer .. and lemon crisis. Went to Costco and no lemons! so unless we can find lemons at one of the other 2 costco’s tomorrow I gues the cleanse is over. I have mixed feelings on that. i mean the past few days have been a little diffficult and not is the easy part and I may have to quit.. but at the same time.. Lemonade all day every day.. gets dull lemi tell yeah… I guess we’ll ahve to see what happens tomorrow.




One response

8 04 2006

Glad you are doing well on your cleanse. Do you feel any healthier? I’m really considering trying it out, more or less to lose a few pounds and get all this sugar and fast food crap out of my system. I’m unsure, though because i’m one of those people that if i don’t eat i get unbearable bitchy. Like so bad I can’t even stand myself.

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