Tomb Sweeping Day

6 04 2006

So Wednesday was a day off, Was tomb sweeping day. After an exciting morning of people lighting their tombs on fire out back (fire and trucks and everything :D), and sitting around talking about food. Currently a little obsessed :P, actually yesterday I was obsessed, today I’m just a little longing, but alright.  Anyway then Tracey and I went out to check out the river park road, bc she wants to bike to work, and as it was a nice day I went with her to Rollerblade.  So we went rollerblading for about 3 hours up and down the park road, the pictures don;t really show it but it was a really nice morning early afternoon, but unfortunatly it got kinda crappy, cloudy, and surprisingly chilly later on int he day.

Me n Trace
me behind a rocktracey
By the Young Fu Bridge, stupid tracey with the fingers :P, That’s me hiding behind a rock, and Tracey biking through the archway.

    After the park we roller bladed/biked up to Chung Shiow Dun Hwa, bc we wanted to check out this new yoga place that is opening the middle of this month.  Looks pretty nice, it opens on the 15th of this month.  And the guy is willing to give us a pretty competitive price, it all kinda depends on whither or not they will let me buy a 1 year membership, but taking  a break in the middle of it, bc the other place we checked out said I could.  But they only have 60 minute classes and this place has 90 minute classes. hmm.. we’ll see what they say.  The other nice thing is we get a better deal if we sign up before they open, which could be bad except for they give you a full week after they have opened o try the place out and decide if you like it our not.  if you decide you don;t they will refund your money in full.  So again it just hinges on the will the let me take the break thing. 🙂

   Then we went home, showered and went out again to meet up with my friend Andy, Hung out with Andy for a couple of hours while he mocked us and our no food and I obsessed about food :P.  then went home watched the Majestic (Christ that is a long movie).  i again obsessed about food.  To the point where Tracey was considering locking me in my room… I wasn’t actually going to crack.. just being a whiner.. but so utterly obsessed with BACON… mmm bacon.. ….  luckily today is better.  I want to eat but it’s not driving me mad like ti was yesterday.. do need to pee like a race horse though

   Though for the day… I have so much free time to, you’d think my room would get cleaned.. yet .. :P.




One response

8 04 2006

Why would you want a 90 minute yoga class! I went to an hour long one with my wife and it kicked my ass. Well I could do pretty much all the moves, yeah thats right I can do the full lotus position. Rollerblading yay sounds like fun, just about the time to start around here, the streets are all swept and its getting to about 15C during the day. Yeah I know that kind of weather would have you in a parka. Speaking of temperature why does a yoga class need to take place in a 30 degree room?


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