biting the bullet

6 04 2006

well.. that’s 2 down and one to go, told sesame street about the plan for brazil an all seems fine on that front. Plus my boss is open to kicking around the idea of me ditching the evil class (YEAH!) possibly giving me a new class, or something. So I’m working on shortening myhours a bit 😀 so I will get off before or around 7ish instead of pushing 730 now.

Also day four of the cleanse is going ok, not so obsessed with food today, but my tummy hurts a bit. Tomorrow is supposed to be the owrst day so we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully it’s not too bad bc I have to work all bloody day 8am-730pm… bleh… 😀 here’s hoping

Wow.. I’m such a geek but gmail is so cool!!! I can use my gmail account to use a different email account with out ever opening the other account, especially handy when it comes to the ‘fake’ adresses! Bc it wil reply to the email from that acount to, even thoughy ou never logged into it! neat! Obviously I’m easily impressed 😛




2 responses

7 04 2006

How many days are you going on this cleanse? And what is with Sesame Street? And the “evil class” do tell, I have no idea what you are talking about. See what happens when you lose contact? you miss out on all the details.

7 04 2006

funnily enough, maybe have to stop tomorrow.. bc we have runout of lemons and the store says they won;t have any more in until 2 weeks from now :(. So we will be going ona scavanger hunt tomorrow, and if we can’t find any then we will have to stop tomorrow. which sucks bc it’s only day 5 today, and supposed to try to do it for 10 days, we were gonna stop at 8 bc we’re bored.. and apparently not all that toxified :P. but might be quit early due to lack of lemons.. which kinda sucks bc .. I’m fine now 😛

Sesame street is the name of my evening school, the morning being ju ling, and afternoon being kid castle. the evil class is probably not all that bad, but it’s a rowdy bunch of kids who are lazy hyperactive freaks who piss me off on a daily basis, (proably looks os bad in comparison to the rocket scientists in the class before them).. 😛

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