Tuesdays’ Meeting

5 04 2006

SO I forgot to write about my meeting on Tuesday. So Finally told my boss (kid castle, haven’t told the others yet) about Brazil. It’s went fairly well I think, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Now I need to tell my other bosses. One up side, apparently my boss wants me back in the mornings, I said no. But if Ju Ling is crappy about me going to Brazil, I can take the class at Kid Castle (well Erin will take it and then I will take it over when I get back). Good to know I have options, Plus I decided not to teach the an chin ban (after school class) and to stick with the afternoon phonics program. Mostly bc It’s mad easy and fun to teach, there is no prep or marking :D.

After I dropped the Brazil bomb on my boss. I followed up with a very frank discussion about the state of the school, the current teachers bc they are ass. How they need to be fired, we need to teachers, I want to do the hiring and training from now on. Also talked about things that need to be done, like recruiting new students, teacher bonuses, and just general things to make the school a better place to work. She agreed with most of what I had to say, Looks like I’m going to be doing the hiring from now on. If It works out the way I want I’ll also be writing the contracts, and doing the training. If the teachers work out I will also get bonuses. So it’s in my best interest to make sure I get good reliable people ;). So if you know anyone who’s looking for a job :D.

That’s all for Tuesday 🙂




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