3 04 2006

not my room, though I might get around to that later on today. So tracey adn I are doing this cleanse thingi, with the drinking of this lemon juice, maple syrup thing.. like 20 min’s in and I’m bored and want a cheese burger .. lol… gonna kill me i’m sure all I can think about is all these foods that I want and can’t have (for now) and the funniest thing is it’s all stuff I don’t normally eat anyway :P.

That meeting with my boss is tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes. I feel like I should prepare something, lol.. but why it’s all ready in my head. K well I’m gonna go read my book and pretend to nap…




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3 04 2006

I’ve heard of a cleansing thing that has lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper… is that what you are using? anywho, you’ll have to tell me how it works, i’ve been wanting to try something like that but haven’t been sure what is worth trying and what isn’t.. i tried a cleansing soup diet a couple years ago and i know what you mean… as soon as you can’t have it, you want it like crazy (for me it was mostly about sugar, i’m so ridiculously addicted to the stuff) so that lasted about a day. i have no discipline… ha ha talk to ya soon love nadine

3 04 2006

yeah that’s the one, the funny thing is tracey is the one who was all gung ho on it and she is all super sick and might quit it, I’m gonna try to stick it out.. but it’s gonna be a sight lot harder by my self….. esspecially withmy freinds who were waving tender delicious bits of bbq’d steak in front of me today . fuckers…

4 04 2006

i’ve heard it’s pretty gross, but this girl i used to hang out with tried it and said she had to hold her nose and guzzle the stuff, however after a week she never felt so healthy, and it was totally worth it. i may actually have the guts to try it now, wanna send me the recipe? besides summer is coming and a fast is in order seeing as i’ve turned into a blimp over the winter. i would have no trouble giving up steak, but wave anything sweet in front of me, watch out!!!!! grrrrr….

4 04 2006

ha ha, actually it just tastes like lemonade, It’s half a lemon, 2 spoonfulls of maple syrup a dash of cayenne, plus water… you can drink 6-12 of them a day, and as much water as you want. I’ll keep you posted the drink it’s self is sweet tho so that might be good for you. the funny thing is I’m ok with giving up most foods.. the worst for me is meat lol. which is luckily not addictive (well salt.. that’s gonna hurt) but grains, bread, caffene, dairy aren’t much of a problem as for the most part I don’t eat much of those things… (dude, now that i think about it.. what the hell do I eat??? LOL)

4 04 2006

you can dooo iiiit!!!

Although dont do it too long. My friend in college used to do it, but you ahve to condition yourself. 1 day the first time, then a month later do 2 days, then a month later do 3…

4 04 2006

A friend of mine’s parents did this same thing for 2 weeks when I was in high school, they said it wasnt bad after the first few days(of sheer discomfort). I ought to try it someday, maybe Ill start right now and try to be supportive from a million miles away.

Speaking of good food I want to take you to Memphis Blues (Granville and Broadway) in Vancouver if I can. This place is my latest culinary passion, Southern Bah’becue. I had lunch there yesterday, pulled pork doesnt sound good but it really is, I think we should have a restaraunt like it in PG.

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