I like ’em BIG and HARD

2 04 2006

That’s how I like ’em, well my rollerblade wheels anyway, Went out for a little cruise today, and was thinking, hmm I really should go shopping for wheels as mine are almost worn out. Thought, eh, I’ll do it later today, on my way home or something. Up by the airport a huge chunk of my wheel came off … and then another.. Lucky me it was a middle wheel so not that important just a little anoying. I decided to ignore it and boot around a bit more, had some noodles,a dn then went wheel shopping. First I went to the stores near Da-an Park, Gah… the prices were so rediculas that I considered ordering from Canada and getting mom to bring them over when she gets here… ‘cept with that piece missing and the other wheel on their last leg, so to speak. Decided to check out the place that’s near my house and YEAH got better wheels, that were bigger and harder.. for 800nt (the other store was 1800) , unfortunatly I couldn;t find 82mm, the biggest ones I could get where 80mm, 82a. For anyone who cares and knows what that means.
FKD wheelsame wheel



2 responses

2 04 2006

nice wheels megda!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 04 2006

how cool am I… weird mood today… very existentail…. bleh

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