Furry Friday

31 03 2006

No reason for that subject, other than i’m just a big weirdo 😀

Worked all day, mad tired this morning bc I couldn’t get to sleep last night. Work was dull, well the morning was, the afternoon was nothing exciting. And tonight I got to be ouber bitch to this jack ass student of mine, who is clearly allergic to doing the minute amount of fucking homework I give him. ha but this time instead of getting pissed I sent him to the office and when he finally came back, I just refused to speak to him. Talked to him through other students bc I was so pissed off with him and didn;t want to yell, besides there was something perversly fun about not speaking to him and makingother kids give him messages. Childish, I know, but nothing else works so might as well amuse myself and not get mad while being ineffective :P.

After work went to that screen test thingy took like 5 min, was kinda funny/silly just said hi to a cam corder pretended to cook for second, smiled a bit, laughed and then done. Apparently I’ll find out if I get the part on tuesday, lucky me I don’t care one way or the other, could be fun :D.

The screen test thing was right near Wally’s place, so I gave him a call and went over and chatted with him and his wifey for a bit, :), then went home. Now just pissing around on my computer watching Grey’s anatomy. Tracey went to a movie. Might hang out with Sacha this weekend…. um… yeah .. Unfortuatly I’m lame and have nothing to write about :D.
Heh , maybe I’ll just make something up for the amusment of the masses.

me and Chorny
Here’s a pic of me and Wally at the bithday shin dig last sept.. faces for the names




2 responses

31 03 2006

yay, mag is back! glad you are feeling better. sounds like you work all bloody day… you’ll have to tell me more about how THAT works, because a simple 8 hour shift almost kills me! hey are you even remotely planning on going to the grad reunion this summer? i’m still not sure if i feel like it (i mean, it’s not like there were a hell of a lot of people in our class i was super close with) but if you will be going then i’ll at least make an effort! talk to ya soon love nadine

1 04 2006

well I do and I don;t I work from 8am to 7:30pm mon tuesday friday, wed till 8 and thursday till 9, but I’m off for lunch for 3 hours everyday except thursday I’mm off for 5 hours…

The grad reunion.. … … well while I’m at a stage in my life where I really dont care anymore, still not so much with the fond and excited about people from high school. If I was going to be in the country at the time I would probably go just to see a few people. But there’s no real way I’m gonna be home around then, My mom is coming here at the end of the month. But I will be in vancouver on my way to Brazil, Id deffinatly like to see you and catch up.. so I’ll let you know when I’ll be there, Vancouve would be less of a hike than Smithers anyway 😀

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