30 03 2006

Well today was one of those days, and I mean that in a good way. After my not so good couple of days I decided to take advantage of my afternoon off on the surprisingly sunny and warm day, and go rollerblading. My initail plan was just to go out for a bit (prob and hour), say Hi to my freind on his class break, cruise around a bit, buy a yumy choclate muffin and go home and chill out for a bit. So after an hour (give or take), I’ve got my muffin and I’m zippin down Roosevelt, when I hear (so pretty loud over my head phones) wooohoo sexxy lady! I’m thinking.. hu WTF who the hell.. oh hey it’s ang. Which is funny bc somoen told me they ran into her the other day and I’ve really been meaning to call her.
Anyway she’s on her bike and i decided to go with her on her way to Young Ho for a bit, not like I had anything pressing to do and would be nice to catch up a bit. Told her all about my planned coop (kid castle, will write about it later). We bs about work, people and just generally caught up.. ended up going up and down the river road a ways all the way to Ching Mei (near my house) and back a bunch. Esentiall had a right good time chatting it up. Was really nice, will deffinatly be making time to call her, we’re both so busy sometimes forget :D. Anyway after hanging out with ang for like 2 1/2 hrs, went home chilled for a bit and went to work.
Ended up staying at work super late, bc my bossed asked me if I wanted to do a screen test for a comercial, tought it would be good for a laugh so I stuck around, kinda sucked though bc ended up rescedualling for friday night so I stayed late for no reason.. yuck. I guess it was ok though, bc i was supposed to have a 30 min class with my bosses daughter and I just did it while waiting for the casting chick.. and then I don;t have to work late tomorrow night.
  This is a major old pisture but it’s the onlyone of ang I could find 😀  here’s to nice day and nice freinds 😀




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