28 03 2006

heavely sedated….. for the best I think




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29 03 2006

dude, you ok?

29 03 2006

yeah I am…still sedated.. but in a mellow way now….
don;t worry πŸ˜€

30 03 2006

hey magda, i see that you are not feeling up to par so from one ….. to another i suggest go and put your feet in the ocean and take a little time to meditate. it may help i know it does for me…
take care
luvs bex

30 03 2006

A day that I wish I could be there in person to give you a big hug and remind you that you do in fact lead a charmed life. But you know that and it is just the weather, lack of sunshine and all that thats screwing with your noggin.

You want to know what is depressing? Sitting in your lunch room at work and listening to a bunch of middle aged guys whom you identify with as peers talking about their pensions and approaching deaths. That makes me want to jump off the top of the plant or pee into one of the 600volt switches or something.

I’ll tell you here about my plans to escape: I’m either going back to school to finish my engineering or I’m joining the RCMP, yeah I write my preliminary exam in a week.

So I really hope I can make it to vancouver to see you in September.


1 04 2006

thanks bex…. the ocean is a bit of a commute (i know I live on a n island… but still) went rollerblading gonna go again today πŸ˜€

ps though… what do you do if you’re ona n Island .. and not that it’s possible or anything.. but it sinks… how fucked are you..? πŸ˜€

1 04 2006

Thanks, but I would hardly say charmed. πŸ˜› Charmed would involve me getting the thing that I want with ittle or no effort as opposed to them droping in my lap and being taken away as soon as I decided i want them.. :P.. lol just bitching c’est la vie.

chuckle.. yeah that sounds sucky glad I’m not you πŸ˜‰ just teasing.

that would be cool, If I ever get around to telling my bosses I’ll buy my tickets and then I’ll know when I’m going πŸ˜€

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