Tipsy Sunday

26 03 2006

well, decided to sleep in, to the ripe old time of 1030 am.. sigh… grannism sucks.  watched some more Gray’s anatomy, fun fun.  Then tracey and I went to to bagel and chatted, went to Taipei 101 and wandered around for a while.  Then whent home.  Fairly uneventful.  On the way home I decided to go play pool for and hour or so while having a couple of drinks.  When I got home had a couple more, then had dinner at home with Inaki (new roomate), bc he cooked dinner so I joined (was invited) Him and his freind.  Had another drink.  Then watched the funniest and my favorite cartoon of all time, the Emperor’s new Groove .. chuckle.  had another drink.   And now I’m listening to the rain, wishing it would stop.  And being pleasnantly tipsy… and contemplating naother drink.. I mean really it’s sunday evening, I have nothing better to do.  Can’t go outside bc it’s horrible and raining.. oh and 10 pm.. oops when did that happen.  😀 well one more episode of gray’s and then to bed for me .. have to be up bright and early for icky poo poo work again…. wish the weathe rwould improve so I could do something outside like run or rollerblade or even sit… oh well.. later and hopefully soon.. just like everything else in my life. Bah.

Taipei 101
Here’s a pic of Taipei 101 from this random Sunny day in January 😀 taken from the Phone.




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28 03 2006

Emperor’s New Groove For the Win!


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