Grey’s and whisky cakes

25 03 2006

Yick, so I had to work this morning and have a parent teacher demo conference thingy.  And bc i was pissing about was totally late. oops.  After work, went home chatted with Tracey for a bit then we went for ice cream, which helped my chronic tonsillitis a bit :).    Then we went to costco, had k’nasty hot dogs and then drove home in the rain… (and you were worried that it wouldn’t rain today!!!! silly you!)

    Tracey and I lazed around the house for ages, and then when we were supposed to go out (we’re on the guest list at this club) we decided that the yucky rain and our laziest would interfere with the party animal within.  Well ok we’re just lame!  

    And Tracey just got me hooked on Gray’s anatomy… so I’m being a looser getting tipsy drinking in my room watching pretend people living pretend lives.  sigh.. I wish it wasn’t fucking raining because I would like to go outside.. but every time I do I get soggy and miserable… 😦

Wisky Cakes
Up side.. took a picture of the Whisky cakes (I’m so sure it’s not cool but I don’t care so funny)  I’m so stealing one in the middle of the night!




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