24 03 2006

OH I’ve just remembered I meant to post this a couple of days ago.. I had that bloody dream again, the one where my teeth get all loose and fall out. and no matter what I do or try to do I can’t put them back or stop them…. freaks the shit out of me. Well this time it was business as usual.. (doing whatever… teeth loosen and fall out) only this time I shoved the tooth that fell out (they were all kinda loose) back in was all careful (so far this is the same as it usually is)AND IT STAYED IN… and then all my other teeth stablized and then where fine… ??????? what’s witht hat… I’m sure it has some deep meaning.. but damned if I know what it is….




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25 03 2006

ew ew ew

25 03 2006

is there anything in your life you previously felt not in control over that you now resolved? i’m no expert but i have done some reading on dream interpretation and it just sounds to me like the whole teeth falling out and you not being able to stop it sounds like you felt a lack of control about something in your life. this past dream where you put the tooth back in and they all stabilized sounds like you have taken control. you are right, though… any sort of recurring dream is definitely your subconscious mind giving you a message. i hope that helps. believe me, dreams will give you messages in some really fucked up ways. shortly after i got my level 1 reiki attunement, i had a really freaky dream about giving my brother-in-law a treatment for some weird pain in his side and all of a sudden (this is really hard to describe) it became immediately like i was watching a movie and the whole picture started to shake, and i felt like i was in the middle of a crazy earthquake. scared the crap out of me, but it was just my mind’s way of adjusting to the attunement. crazy, huh! love nadine

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