address book

23 03 2006

Not that I will ever do anything about it, but I’m in a constant state of a addressbooklost :d, So instead of sending a million emails and getting a million back.  Thought I would say please post ur current contact info as a reply here, your current address, phone #, cup/bra size, etc. you know the usual details :D.  If you don;t want to post it here then you “sigh” can send it to me in an email at 
and here’s a fun little pic from # 4 park 😀




4 responses

23 03 2006

GD you’re so skinny! hot mag

23 03 2006

I’m being a chubby monkey right now, but thanks!!!! You’re looking good too … you’re hair looks really real :D!

24 03 2006

so what do you want, becky rodgers 304 1150-burnaby st Van bc v6e 1p2 604-488-0676 38D 34waist what the hell else do you need? hair currently blue black, no pets no bf, no life, no icecream at the moment

24 03 2006

hahahhahahah I love it you rock! wow a 38d… holy rack bat man!

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