gah bike and other events of the last couple of days

22 03 2006

So unfortunatly the pop wiz bang with my bike was the engine seizing (a long time coming from something that happened over a year ago), and while bummed that was that it happened, I was pleased that it only cost and arm and a few toes (as opposed to a leg). Also talked to mom, and it turns out she doesn’t need to get a visa to come here bc they have recently changed the rules and Canadians get an automatic 30 day landing visa now :D!   She’s officially coming on April 28th and leaving again on May 14th, hmmm doesn’t Mother’s day fall somewhere in there? (actually asking)

Not much else to report really, working etc, went on a feild trip to Neihu this morning. Oh and My boss at Kid Castle tried to poach me from Sesame Street again, I’m kinda tempted bc she pays me more and I would get off work earlier… but I basicly trust her about as far as I can throw an elephant :P… 

(hey where the hell did my drink go.. yeah it’s wednesday and I’m drinking do you have a point?.. oh there it is 😀)

Anyway Like I said I’m tempted by it, I’m actually looking at a way to work it so I work at Kid castle from 2-4:30 (instead of 4) and work at Sesame Street from 5-6:30.  It’s a lovely little plan that involves me not teaching my evil class anymore (transfering the few winners from that class to the angel brillant children class) and just teaching my first class… mmmm. sounds like heaven.  Not sure I’m gonna get my boss to go for it.. bleh and i ahev to do this at the same time as telling them about Brazil.. whoopsie, still haven’y done that… 

  eh it’ll all work out… no point in stressing about it ;), since that’s my motto I should try living by it :D….

I guess that’s about it…. just chillin and having a ‘bevie‘ before bed (bah Tracey has ruined that word for me with pointing out how close it is to her mom’s name… poo head…..

Oh ha ha ha this is a picture I poached from my friend, It’s a bettle Nut sales girl, totally my next job placement move!!! You think I jest but I actually intend to be a “bettle nut skank” for a day before I leave Taiwan!!!!




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23 03 2006

Mothers day is on the 14th 🙂

23 03 2006


23 03 2006

I want that job!!! Or maybe just the outfit?

23 03 2006

that’s what I’m saying!!!!

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