Funny funny girl

21 03 2006

This was a comment left by my freind Becky, but it’s so entertaining it needs to be posted 😀

Hey I know what it means to have firecrackers go off in the middle of the night, not accually firecrackers themselfs but close, I was awakend in the middle of the night by my crack head (no joke) niebourghs who were throwing themselfs against my wall and door because (here is the kicker) they had managed to get to high they emptied 2 cans of BEAR SPRAY on each other (now there is a past time all must try… WTF) anyhow that was fun.. so I know your pain mag and I agree on the revenge of 3am screaming and firecrakers, lucky you get to, what would I do,,, something viciouse like paint a scenery at 4am ooooooooooooooooooooooo
(I thieved this picture from her messenger)




3 responses

22 03 2006

hey there i am so glad you liked my comments,, just wanted to say that i am in smithers today now for a week .. your mountains say hi btw…

22 03 2006

that’s cool say hi to your mom for me. Hey while you’re there say hi to min too 😀 ha ha. I’m stoked mom’s coming here at the end of April 😀 yeah. (SUSPICIOUS stare!!!! when you comin???). Whatcha doing home in dreary old Smithers? oh btw does ur sister know about the reunion (10 year.. god I’m old) that Billi is organizing? Tell her to check out…

22 03 2006

wow we talk more now on your live soap ………….. i mean journal (ha) then we did with phones (wierd) anyhow when am i coming?? soon GET READY when i am done school i hope to come see you… i will let my sis know…
ps when are you coming to Vancouver to see ME (odessy watch OUt)
Loves bex

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