oh good

20 03 2006

I was worried they were going to let that person fade off and be forgotten with out drums and fan fair… but no no true to tradition the evening drumming and wailing near the wisky cakes has commenced! Much to the glee and delite of the neighbour folk! I especially enjoy the added touch of the fire crackers, which they have perfected to sound just like rapid gun fire in a war zone. Ha I’ll show then I have fire crackers too. Only I’m setting mine off at 3am when I get in from the bar next time.. follwed by screams of terror.. “OMIGOD THE CHINESE ARE INVADING… RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIVES” (in chinese or course). and then snuggle up in bed and chuckle my self to sleep.




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21 03 2006

Hey i know what it means to have firecrackers go off in the middle of the night, not accually firecrackers themselfs but close, i was awakend in the middle of the night by my crack head (no joke) neibourghs who were throwing themselfs against my wall and door becuse (here is the kicker) they had managed to get to high they emptied 2 cans of BEAR SPRAY on each other (now there is a past time all must try… WTF) anyhow that was fun.. so i know your pain mag and i agree on the revenge of 3am screaming and firecrakers, luck you get to, what would i do,,, something viciouse like paint a sceanery at 4am ooooooooooooooooooooooo

21 03 2006

heheh I heard the gongs and wailing start up and was so glad I was not the neighbours right over the whisky cakes, cuz seriously that shit went on till all hours of the night. God damn funeral wailers “papa” seriously!!!

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