drip drop

20 03 2006

I didn’t go to work this morning bc .. well I hurt.. ok .. I just didn’t want to and yucky now it’s pouring rain outside and I thinkif it continues I may fail to arrive at my afternoon school……
gonna go have a snack and wait for the rain to stop (with the least amount of movement possible 😀

rainy day
It really is raining.. but stupid camera doesn’t want to take pictures of the actual rain :P…   money lazy day at home .. money .. lazy day at home.. that is the question…..




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20 03 2006

hey! it’s like 3am here and i’m suffering from severe insomnia (again) so i thought hey! i’ll check out magda’s journal! i swear it’s the high point of my middle of the night. did you go to work? i would totally go for the whole lazy day at home thing, unless you are broke and poor… anywho i’m going to go watch tv and try to forget about the hellish day to come when i’m all tired and bitchy. and hope that haley doesn’t wake up cause she’s just like me, once she’s awake she can’t get back to sleep then we’ll BOTH be tired and bitchy. love nadine (a very tired nadine… whaaaa… whaaaa…)

20 03 2006

I’m a geek bc I do a little dance o’ glee everytime someone leaves me a comment… lol.. that’s how pathetic I am! Glad someone is enjoy my mindless little rants… I didn;t go to work in the morningor the afternoon, but i did drag my self into the evening one.. for lack oh cash.. but was sorry I did bc my students were being assholes.. maybe I need a new job…… sorry you have insomnia.. and never when I’m actaully at home it seems 😛
hugs Mag

21 03 2006

that little dance o’ glee you mentioned? yeah i get like that too… when i get an e-mail…. oh yes, that was a BIG——-FAT——-HINT!!! giggle i’ll let you know the next time i’m up in the middle of the night, maybe if you’re home we’ll chat. that would beat the hell out of gawking at the TV cursing my miserable sleep disfunction! I’m surprisingly chipper today. That will probably last another ten minutes or so. work better not call me in….

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