run run .. in the fog

19 03 2006

Well the weather was ass, was windy and cold. Sprained my f’ing ankle. And overall was a lazy shit…….:( very unhappy bc I could have totally made my goal but I got lazy and crapped out at 17km and slowed way down. Then at 19km I got angry with myslef for being so lazy and burned it a bit more.. but it was too late I had already lost too much time.. the worst part is I know I didn;t run as hard as I could or should have. Given how I am not nearly as burned out right now as I should be, and my muscles are not cramping or seizing in anyway :(. I know I could have done way better. It’s my motivation that needs work :P.

Anyway my stats are possition 200 (no idea what that is for) ran it in 2hrs 2 min and 23 seconds, ranked 984 overall, and 6th in my group (62 women ages 25-29). I know it’s better than before, but I really didn;t give it my all and I know it so I’m pretty disapointed in myself.

so weird it is now 1030am and I have been up forever, ran a race and now am chillin at sacha’s

oh another crappy little side note, my bike broke down on the way here :(. Sucks bc now I’m stuck, no Idea how i’m gettign work tomorrow morning, normally I would just rollerblade.. but I’ll be in too much pain to do that … and a taxi will take forever!!!! gah….




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19 03 2006

Dont be so hard on yourself, you did pretty damn well, but thats not in your nature. As for the bike well you need to meet a guy that can fix it for free, or something. LMAO. I’m going to read this everyday now. Maybe ill get off my ass and call you, sheesh its been years since ive heard your voice.

19 03 2006

😀 sign your names PEOPLE!!!!!!

20 03 2006

That would be me. The one and only Erik.

20 03 2006

Actually I knew (or strongly suspected) that from the sheesh.. but I’m cracking down ;). If people don’t sign their comments I’m going to lock it again so comments can’t be seen untill approved 😦 which sucks….

how you been ? 😀

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